Old Mountain Rd. grows out of my desire to see photography enlivened by the frame that holds it.

I have taken my camera with me on innumerable road trips, to every corner of this country, and a few years ago I decided to cover a wall with the images. I processed the photographs, found some ready-made frames, and nailed them up.

The effect was crushing. When encased behind the store-bought frames, the photographs lost so much of the life, the emotions, the dynamism of the scene they captured. I realized that the frame needed to be an extension of the very art it holds.

So I invested in a few hand tools and some wood and I began experimenting.

Since then, I’ve explored ways to pair image with hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind artwork, to share my experiences on the road through the creation of warm, rustic settings.

As a photographer and self-taught woodworker, I ventured down this path to satisfy my own desire to get even more out of my art. Now I’d like to share The Road with you.


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