The Photographs

Life can be a bewildering ride. I have soared with eagles and wallowed in the depths. And along the way photography has been my vehicle to reflect my inner experience of our outer world and what it feels like to me to live this human life.. I photograph feeling. And I hope the end result resonates with anyone viewing the images I create. I hope you see something that stirs you, makes you feel alive, and inspires you to want to feel this feeling longer. 

Like being in Bryce Canyon, Utah with it’s glorious vaulted hoodoos freshly dusted with snow in the middle of March and the photo I created there was when we rounded the corner on the trail down in the trees and I just felt something special. I paused and took my time trying to nail what it was a felt. I climbed the boulder, just 5 feet to get the angle. I got still. And I got my shot, you’ll find it below. I shoot what I feel.

these are the ones I have up at home.

Mollie's Favorites

"Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it." – Norman MacLean

Water Signs

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