Wine River

COFFEE TABLE: Anchoring this waterfall coffee table is a wine red translucent epoxy that is accentuated by highly figured curly maple live edge and buttressed with bloodwood and cherry. Lining the edges is black African wenge. DIMENSIONS: 24″ W x 36″ L x 16″ H Custom sizes can be accommodated. Contact us to discuss!

Cherry River

TABLE: Inverting the live edge of the cherry, the center curved groove of blue and green tinted translucent epoxy provides an energy flow that extends beyond the table. The two colors meet in the middle and roll into each other reflecting a river’s movement. The piece is trimmed in walnut and the waterfall folds over…

Celebration Table

DINING TABLE: “Colorful and happy” was the request for this commissioned dining room table. The client wanted an eye-catching conversation piece for the room. Incorporating species from all over the world, we patterned out the boards to both complement each other and also to build balance. DIMENSIONS: 52″ W x 82″ L x 30″ H…

Heim Table & Chairs

DINING TABLE: Mixing our favorite wood combination of curly maple, cherry, and walnut, this commission was for a client in L.A. who wanted a 6-person breakfast table and chairs. And he wanted a conversation piece, so we went with the fold-over to catch the eye. CHAIR DIMENSIONS: 18″ W x 40″ H x 20″ D…

Granville Twins

CABINETS: These twin cabinets match a studio suite in the same style of mixed woods. One is a standard cabinet of two drawers and a file cabinet and the other is a slotted cabinet for paper storage. Chestnut wood outlines the cabinets and is used as the drawer fronts. Custom made for a photographer who…

Black Mountain

NIGHT STANDS: Deeply torched pine is outlined with American chestnut. The shelf, also chestnut, is hung with threaded hardware. And industrial casters allow for mobility when you need it and with brakes for stability when you want it fixed. DIMENSIONS: 28″ W x 22″ H x 14″ D Custom sizes can be accommodated. Contact us to discuss!


FRAME: Records. Whiskey. Speakers. This console unit is made out of reclaimed pine with a bit of ambrosia maple mixed in for fun. The sides are barn door inspired and 5″ industrial casters secure the base. This piece is intentionally constructed to handle up to 300 lbs of weight. So it’s solid and built for…

Cobblestone Desk

DESK: With a passion for blending woods to create energy and warmth, we layered this combination of walnut, cherry, curly maple, ambrosia maple, bloodwood and African wenge. Phew! DIMENSIONS: 32″ W x 84″ L x 30″ H Custom sizes can be accommodated. Contact us to discuss!

The One

BREAKFAST TABLE: Inspired by love and passion, we went sensual and dark. This breakfast table also shimmers with the curly maple and silky bloodwood accents amidst the walnut, cherry, and African wenge. DIMENSIONS: 34″ W x 60″ L x 30″ H Custom sizes can be accommodated. Contact us to discuss!

Mystique Mirror

FRAME: This is a highly decorative piece for being so simple, thanks to the gorgeous wood grain. The inner live edge is figured walnut and the outer wood is a live edge cherry, both pieces sourced from the mountains of western North Carolina. DIMENSIONS: 24″ W x 32″ H x 4″ D Custom sizes can…